Thinking in Place

In an interview about her book Thinking in Place, Carol Becker shared the following thoughts, which also reflect the spirit of our conference and which we would like to share with you:

“The writing is poetic in nature but it is also narrative, philosophical, and theoretical. […] The writing of each piece really reflects the way in which I thought about the place that generated the idea itself. […] The readers would come to understand that the book is also about them, about how they think, and they could then reflect upon their own method of thinking in place as I have reflected on mine. […] And the problems of the 21st century will not be solved by “disciplines” but by ideas and by the willingness of people to extend beyond themselves and their own culture, to recognize themselves in the Other, as part of a species whose evolution should be considered, whose future can be consciously determined.”


Want to warm up with some reading?

The organizers of our opening panel on dimensions of distress collected some reading material for you:

Mallach, Allen (ed.). (2012). Rebuilding America’s Legacy Cities. New Directions for the Industrial Heartland. New York: The American Assembly, Columbia University.

Dieter Rink, Annegret Haase, Matthias Bernt and Katrin Großmann (2010): Addressing Urban Shrinkage Across Europe –Challenges and ProspectsShrink Smart Research Brief No. 1, November 2010On behalf of the Shrink Smart consortium.Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research –UFZ, Leipzig

Matthias Bernt, Matthew Cocks, Chris Couch, Katrin Grossmann, Annegret Haase & Dieter Rink (2012): Policy Response, Governance and Future Directions, Shrink Smart Research Brief No. 2, March 2012,  Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Leipzig.