Graduate Student Workshop

Facilitator: James Wolf
Participants: Anja Haelg Bieri, Emily Swenson Brock, Meredith Hundley, Kathryn Shackelford

Exploring graduate student’s research in regard to Distressed Cities and an opportunity to exchange ideas on works in progress. Join us for this workshop!

Anja Haelg Bieri, Urban Affairs and Planning, Doctoral Candidate
Blacksburg Walks –Interactive Documentary Art for Urban Planning Education and Research

Emily Brock Swenson, Center for Public Administration and Policy, Doctoral Student
Cities’ Fiscal Distress and the Underfunded Public Pension

Meredith Hundley, Center for Public Administration and Policy, Doctoral Student
Transforming Distressed Cities through Fiber-based Cyberinfrastructure

Kathryn Shackelford, Urban Affairs and Planning, Masters Student
Quality Places: The Transformative Impact of Good Urban Design