Equitable Redevelopment Strategies

Facilitator: Derek Hyra
Participants: Ralph Buehler, Matthew Dull, John Randolph, Kris Wernstedt

While sessions one and two explored types of distress and resilience, this session will build on those conversations by embarking in a dialogue that addresses multiple strategies to promote redevelop in troubled cities and communities in a fair and just manner.  This discussion will focus on an array of policy tools that can help facilitate revitalization and yet minimize existing social and economic disparities.  Panelists will speak about how their unique research and practical experiences relate to issues of development, social justice and economic equality.

Overall, this panel will tackle the broad question of how can scholars help to promote the revitalization of disadvantaged cities and communities in innovative ways that are economical, sustainable and benefit vulnerable populations.  This panel will be moderated by Derek Hyra (UAP) and will engage Ralph Buehler (UAP), Mathew Dull (CPAP), John Randolph (UAP) and Kris Wernstedt in a collective conversation about equitable development strategies across a variety of topics including transportation, participatory democracy and governance, energy sustainability and environmental justice.

Panelists will be asked to response to the following set of questions: what are the challenges to stimulating redevelopment in distressed areas; what are the policy tools at the local, state and federal level that can help facilitate redevelopment and minimize social and economic inequality; what do we mean by equitable redevelopment; in what way do race and ethnicity relate to social and economic distress and what are some strategies for addressing racial inequality; what are your biggest concerns in distressed cities and what are the things you would do to alleviate these issues; and how important is the democratic process to ensuring fair and just redevelopment outcomes in distressed places?