Forms of Resilience

Facilitator: Maggie Cowell & Patrick Roberts
Participants: Kevin DeSouza, Laura Jensen, Max Stephenson, Yang Zhang

Our panel, “Forms of Resilience”, will address the concept of resilience in general, but also in relation to the research and engagement of faculty panelists. Having painted the big picture of the interrelation of various dimensions of distress more generally in the first panel, this second panel will discuss attempts to build resilience. Through a collective conversation about resilience, panelists will discuss successful or difficult-but-informative cases of revitalization, recovery, and resilience along various dimensions of distress.

The panel will begin with a video introduction to the concept of resilience by Dr. Kevin DeSouza, Director of the Metropolitan Institute. Drs. Margaret Cowell and Patrick Roberts will then co-facilitate a conversation with three panelists:  Dr, Laura Jensen (CPAP), Dr. Max Stephenson (Inst. for Policy and Governance), and Dr. Yang Zhang (UAP).

The panelists will discuss resilience vis-à-vis their own scholarship and teaching in regards to challenges like global security and conflict resolution, post-disaster planning and mitigation in Haiti and China, health disparities in rural areas, disasters and emergency management, and regional economic restructuring. Overall, the panel will ask how a place’s history, geography, and culture impact resilience and whether resilience exists at all.

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