Watch scholars reflect on Distressed Cities in these videos taken at our conference in April 2012

Robert Beauregard, Columbia University, Talks About Depopulation and the Promise of Growth

Carol Becker, Columbia University, Talks About Art, Society, and Globalization

Terry Clements, Virginia Tech, Talks About the Scale of Distress

Margaret Cowell, Virginia Tech, Talks About Resilience

Derek Hyra, Virginia Tech, Talks About Displacement, Development and Extrapolation

Valerie Lemmie Talks About Public Service and Policy

John Provo, Virginia Tech, Talks About Development and Density

John Randolph, Virginia Tech, Talks About Sustainability and Management

Ken Reardon, University of Memphis, Talks About Wealth and Disparity

Joe Rees, Virginia Tech, Talks About Participation

Max Stephenson and Laura Zanotti, Virginia Tech, Talk About Definitions

Yang Zhang, Virginia Tech, Talks About Urban Planning Solutions and Culture


Filming and editing by Justin Fine. Interviews by Beth Offenbacker.

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